Monday, December 3, 2012

connect with wifi and share files in android

Android app can share their sd card fiels.This is a heavy facility available in both iphone and android.The user can their private folder through wifi and they can manage them also.This is a simple code available in one know the searching keyword.They only search for the keyword file sharing. and no results gets.The keyword is must be used is HTTP SERVER for iPhone and is a sample add that i will give you a link .get it from
 through http server and can show the sd card files easily.
Http server
Always we need to share our files to make transferr the data.This wifi port making and ip creations are the good way to share files and you can do anyting with this.
If you are making a text file and making editable it in the browser then we can edith the contents in the browser and save it to our phone.Its a good way to keep our personal data in our secured folder.

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